We are pleased to present you with another actor spotlight, this time on company member Dean Coutris.  This past Fall, he played the Earl of Arundel (Robin Hood: An Adventure, with Music) in our first Family Theatre production.  Find out why the guy who knows everyone in Akron loves working outdoors in the heat and rain with us...and now also in the air conditioning!

Banner photo by esd-photography.

Tell Us a Little about yourself.

Actor, novice guitarist, desk yogi, puzzle-solver, teacher, traveler, rock climber, and accountant. I wear a lot of "hats," and it definitely keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Also a faithful Cleveland sports fan, except for the Browns. We are on a break at the moment until they decide they want to commit to being a professional sports team. 


Why play with us at OSF?

Working with OSF is a shot of life! The people and the atmosphere are uplifting! Being able to rehearse and perform at Stan Hywet and now at Greystone Hall is inspiring. I don't think I have ever laughed as much as I do when I am with my OSF family! Not to mention the quality of the performances and work that is done on stage is superb. It's really a gem for Akron and all of NEO.


Why do you love Shakespeare?

 One of the things I really love is watching a TV show or a movie and saying, "oh yeah, Shakespeare did that too." Or, "that's just like 'this' Shakespeare play." Not like in a snobby, pretentious way, but just recognizing how timeless these stories really are; and how he wrote plays 400 plus years ago that still deal with the same issues we deal with today; whether it's politics, love, family relationships, racism, etc. .


Favorite OSF role and why?

I know it's not Shakespeare, but the production of Robin Hood. I've always loved Robin Hood from the time I saw Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I'm probably going to get some flack for it, but I still really like that movie! I loved the Disney version too, but I didn't actually watch it until after the live action movie came out. When the opportunity came up to be part of a story in Nottingham and Sherwood Forest at Ohio Shakespeare Festival, it was like a childhood fantasy come true.  


What do you hope the new indoor home will bring to osf? 

I hope that when I'm well into my later years in life, that OSF is still putting on shows, and that I'm able to participate in someway, either on stage, or as an audience member.