Scott Shriner


Scott shriner can make anything a star wars reference.

We are pleased to present you with another actor spotlight, this time on long-time company member Scott Shriner.  Right now, he is getting ready to play Prime Minister Tristram Evans in our Ohio Premiere of King Charles III.  

Read on to see how he thinks Luke Skywalker connects to King Charles III and to hear about that time he literally split his pants in half on the Ohio Shakes stage.


Why play with us at Ohio Shakes?

Quite simply, there's nothing else like it in the world. The crazy level of talent, the strength of the camaraderie, the shared love for and commitment to the material performed … I could go on. I've been an OSF company member since 2004 and if I could be involved in every single production, I would. It is such a fulfilling, learning experience every step of the way. Theater is a huge part of my life in general but I've never felt the sense of "home" anywhere else that I do with OSF. It warms my heart and energizes my soul to be around these people and this theater. I am so proud to be associated with this group! 


What is up next for you?

Playing Tristan Evans, the British Prime Minister, in the April production of King Charles III. This will be my first Ohio Shakes production on the Henry C. Bishop Stage at Greystone Hall. I'm very excited to be a part of this Ohio premiere.


What is the best thing you'll get to say in King charles iii?

 "The regulation of the press we feel is overdue, and although we would prefer them in an ideal world to keep their house in order by themselves, this has been tried so many times, and each time failed."
As Luke Skywalker once said, every word in that sentence is wrong (in my opinion). But the opportunity to present a really whip-smart character who has such well thought-out arguments — and such strong convictions for doing what he does — is exciting. Evans is a reasoned, capable man who is confronted with unprecedented and unexpected circumstances.


What has been your favorite ohio shakes role, and why?

Beyond a doubt, Malvolio in Twelfth Night. I only got to do the role for one performance (so far) during OSF's 2017 touring production of this classic comedy. But rarely have I had so much fun playing a character. I stole many things from both previous brilliant OSF Malvolios, Tim Champion and Geoff Knox, and I got great direction from Tess. Ultimately I felt like I created a successful and worthwhile "Scott Shriner version" of Malvolio, and that felt really good. Someday I hope that character and I will meet again.


So did you really drop the f-bomb on the ohio shakes stage? 

Yes! As part of the script, though. This used to be my claim to fame, 'cause for a long time I think I was the only person who'd ever uttered that word in an OSF show. In the 2008 production of Paul Rudnick's comedy "I Hate Hamlet," I had the line "I'm f---ed up." Not exactly the poetry of a line like "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But I like to think the Bard would have liked the nuance and rhythm I brought to it (ha-ha).


Share a fun Ohio Shakes story with us. 

I split my pants during my first performance as Cassio in the 2007 production of Othello. I was honored to take over the role midway through the show's run from Andrew Cruse, and I was pretty pleased that I was able to use the same costume he did and fit into his pants. Or so I thought. But at the top of an important scene with Desdemona (Lisa Marie Howard) and Emilia (Lara Mielcarek) I stepped up a stair and the garment split right at the crotch --- a huge tear. I held my legs together as best I could. But during the course of the scene Cassio kneels before Desdemona, and if I had so knelt, the whole audience would have immediately become aware of my wardrobe malfunction. So I tried desperately to tell Lisa Marie -- with my eyes -- that I would not be as respectful to her that evening. I did the scene without kneeling, and hearing no snickers from the crowd I assumed they were none the wiser. 
Mercifully that was my last scene before intermission,  and by Act II, Nancy had gotten me new pants, which lasted the rest of the run!

Scott's first show at Ohio Shakes, 2003.