Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!

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Every time you donate to Ohio Shakes, your money goes straight into the art you see on our stages.

We don't spend your money on boring things like administrative expenses or insurance fees.  Instead, what we receive from you goes directly toward to the art: actor salaries, set design, fight choreography, costume construction, and commissions for original music...just to name a few!

Ohio Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to providing exciting, professional Shakespeare to all members of our community.  Thank you for supporting our labours of love. 

There are several ways you can donate.  The easiest way is to simply click on the "donate" button above.

You may call customer service at 330-374-7574.  

Finally, you may send a check to the address below.


Mailing address:

103 South High Street, Akron OH 44308

If you have any questions about making your donation, you may call or fill out the form below.

2016-17 Campaign Videos by Flat Egg Productions.

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