7:00-8:30, March 4

Dual wielding swords

For March we are coming out swinging... with a blade in both hands! In this class we'll cover the importance of the defense weapon, awareness of the off hand weapon, and of course, stupid sword tricks! Ever wished you were Legolas? Drizzt? Any b.a. ranger elf? Here’s your chance.


7:00-8:30, April 15

Fantasy Sword & Shield

SHIELDS UP! Join us in April for a class in sword and board as we show you that a shield isn't 't just for defense (spoiler: it's also great for punching). That, combined with some historical techniques, will show you how to keep your cuts above board! 


7:00-8:30, May 6

May the fourth—lightsaber duels

By far and away our most popular FIGHT NIGHT. Join us and fulfill your destiny... by learning some lightsaber techniques!  We'll cover the basics of attack and defense,  some blaster deflection, and all the ridiculous blade twirling you can stand. We'll see you in a galaxy far, far in May….

The first rule of fight night... 

...tell everyone about fight night!  Join us at Greystone once a month for a 90 minute focus class from Fight Director Ryan Zarecki and Fight Captain Tess Burgler!

Zarecki will pick the theme for each month, and we will post it here.  Will it be sword and buckler? Found object? Rapier? War hammer? Dagger?  Whatever it is, it will be an awesome way to polish your stage combat skills (and make new friends, too).  Imagine how good you'll get if you come every month!

$15 general admission, $10 for students (valid ID, under 30).

Get tickets in advance or pay at the door.

Ages 14+.

UNDER 18? If you are a minor attending for the first time, please be sure to download, print, and have a parent or legal guardian sign this release form. (Or the parent/guardian can come in and sign the form at the beginning of the class--we have hard copies on site.) No one may participate without a release form on file.

Questions about fight night?  Call us at 330-374-7574 or fill out the form below.

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