Auditions for outdoor summer season

Ohio Shakespeare Festival

2017 Outdoor Summer Season

Ohio Shakes, located in Akron, will cast a summer company to perform in both productions of AS YOU LIKE IT and WINTER’S TALE.

Auditions will be held at Greystone Hall (103 S High Street, Akron) on:

Friday March 24, 6:00-10:00 and Saturday March 25, 12:00-5:00

Actors must schedule an audition--no walk-ins.

Actors may request an audition by submitting a headshot and resume to, and please include in the subject line: OSF Summer season auditions. Actors may request a particular time frame, and will be scheduled in the closest avaliable slot.  Video auditions, though not encouraged, may be submitted to

Prepare 2 contrasting Shakespeare monologues, no longer than 3 minutes in total length OR a scene to read from AS YOU LIKE IT or WINTER’S TALE.  (Reader provided.)  

Invited callbacks will be held March 30 & 31.

Ohio Shakespeare company members who have worked for the Festival within the last two summers do not need to come to open auditions.  All said company members must submit their interest to including roles they wish to read for. You must email to be invited to callbacks, no exceptions.

Auditions for OSF's indoor season at Greystone Hall will be held separately. See the audition announcement on March 1.

AS YOU LIKE IT by William Shakespeare

Performed outdoors at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.  Will's beloved story of betrayal, love, and marriage kindled in the woods, join us for this classic romantic comedy in our very own Forest of Arden.

Performing outdoors Thursday-Sunday evenings, June 30-July 16

Rehearsals begin June 6 (Sat afternoons, Sunday and weekday evenings, all Mondays off)

Some special appearance AEA contracts avaliable. All actors paid.



Adam, (male or female, 40+, any ethnicity) servant to Oliver

Amiens, (male or female, 18+, any ethnicity) lord attending on the banished Duke

Audrey, (female, 25-40, any ethnicity) a country wench

Celia, (female, 18+, any ethnicity) daughter to Frederick

Charles, (male or female, 20+, any ethnicity) wrestler to Frederick

Corin, (male, 40+, any ethnicity) shepherd

Dennis, (male or female, 16+, any ethnicity) shepherd

Duke, (male or female, 40+, any ethnicity) living in exile

Frederick, (male, 35+, any ethnicity) the Duke's brother, and usurper of his dominions

Hymen, (male or female, all ages, any ethnicity) the god of marriage

Jaques the lord, (male or female, 35+, any ethnicity) the Duke's brother, and usurper of his dominions

Jaques the son, (male, 18-30, any ethnicity) the Duke's brother, and usurper of his dominions

Le Beau, (male, 20+, any ethnicity) a courtier attending upon Frederick

Oliver, (male, 20-45, any ethnicity) son of Sir Rowland de Boys

Orlando, (male, 20-40, any ethnicity) son of Sir Rowland de Boys

Phebe, (female, 18-35, any ethnicity) a shepherdess

Sir Oliver Martext, (male or female, 30+, any ethnicity) a vicar

Touchstone, (female or male, 30+, any ethnicity) the court jester

William, (male, 20-40, any ethnicity) a country fellow, in love with Audrey

Ensemble—(all ages, males and females, all ethnicities) various speaking Lords, Ladies, Messengers, etc.

The role of ROSALIND is not avaliable.

THE WINTER’S TALE by William Shakespeare

Performed outdoors at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. An exotic tale set in Sicily and Bohemia, A Winter's Tale defies Will's classic genres by belonging to both the comic and tragic worlds as it unfolds a story of royal love, revenge, injustice, and family. 

Performing Thursday-Sunday evenings, July 28-August 13

Rehearsals begin July 1 (Sat & Sun afternoons, weekday evenings, all Mondays off)

Some special appearance AEA contract avaliable. All actors paid.



Antigonus, (male, 40-55, any race/ethnicity) a lord of Sicilia

Archidamus, (male or female, 30-60, any race/ethnicity) a lord of Bohemia

Autolycus, (male or female, 25-55, any race/ethnicity) a rogue

Clown, (male or female, 20+, any race/ethnicity) son of the old Shepherd

Dorcas, (female, 16-35, any race/ethnicity) a shepherdess

Florizel, (female, 20-30, any race/ethnicity) prince of Bohemia

Hermione, (female, 20-40, any race/ethnicity) queen to Leontes

Leontes (male, 25-45, any race/ethnicity) king of Sicilia

Maximillius, (male or female, 5-8, any race/ethnicity) young prince of Sicilia

Mopsa, (female, 16-35, any race/ethnicity) a shepherdess

Old Shepherd, (male or female, 40+, any race/ethnicity) reputed father of Perdita

Paulina, (female, 30-45, any race/ethnicity) wife to Antigonus

Perdita, (female, 18-25, any race/ethnicity) daughter to Leontes and Hermione

Polixenes, (male, 25-45, any race/ethnicity) king of Bohemia

Time, (male or female, any age, any race/ethnicity) as the chorus

Ensemble: (all ages, males and females, all ethnicities) various speaking/named lords, ladies, and messengers.

The role of Emelia is not avaliable.

OSF Newsletter: ShakesBEER is back!

ShakesBEER is back.

ShakesBEER returns to the Greystone Hall bar on March 11 for a St. Patrick's Day themed, open-mic-style, Irish pub sing-along with all your favorite Greenshow players.  

March 11, 8:00

$15 ($10 students)



All ShakesBEER events take place in the Jerrold A. Mirman ShakesBEER Bar(d)! 

Join us this St. Paddy's Day (sort of) and hear all your favorite bawdy Greenshow songs from your favorite bawdy Greenshow players, perhaps a few parodies, and we'll open up the mic for anyone who'd like to share their favorite folksy song.

Sit back and enjoy a pint with us--literally.  The actors will be drinking right along with you! This adult-content Greenshow has the potential to get sillier and sillier (and dirtier and dirtier) throughout the night.

 Bring your instruments if you'd like to jam along with us.

21 and over, ID required at door.
Full bar.

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OSF Newsletter: Lone Star & The Upstart Crow

Two plays in two weeks.

Ohio Shakes hopes you'll join us for two plays this February--and breaking news: they weren't written in 1599!  Two new(er) plays, Lone Star and The Upstart Crow,run in repertory this February 9-19. 

**Just for our friends!**
Use code LONECROW at checkout to save
$10 off your order when you purchase a ticket to both productions of Lone Star and The Upstart Crow.  ($20 off two tickets to each, $30 off get the idea!)

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Auditions for COMEDY OF ERRORS

Seekings actors for Comedy of Errors this April at Greystone Hall location.  See below for avaliable roles and rehearsal information.


Ohio Shakespeare Festival (Akron, indoors at Greystone Hall) is holding auditions for several roles in our next production of Comedy of Errors, performing April 14-30.  See below for rehearsal dates and avaliable roles.  No additional AEA contracts avaliable for the production.  All actors paid.

To request an audition, send headshot and resume to