OSF at Walsh Jesuit High School

Joe Pine and Tess Burgler (Associate Producers and OSF company members) visited Walsh Jesuit's British Literature class this morning and taught an interactive original practice workshop, incorporating both texts that the students were reading: Macbeth and Taming of the Shrew.

As we began the class, one student commented that Shakespeare was inherently "less funny" to a modern audience because much of the humor was no longer relevant.  That same student later volunteered to read as Katherine in the wooing scene from Shrew.  He and Petruchio got a quick lesson on the finesse of using shared and unfinished lines.  The scene came to life before our eyes!  They had their peers laughing and applauding in no time.

We were thrilled to have that same student approach us after class and say, "It really can be funny if you do it the right way!"  

Needless to say, he made our day.

Thanks, Walsh!  Hope to be back sooner rather than later!