OSF Newsletter: Something Wicked

Your companion for Macbeth.
Use it in the classroom, or just read it and feel smarter than your friends. We promise you won't be bard.

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OSF means it when we say: "Don't read Shakespeare.  See Shakespeare live."

You don't need to come to our shows with any prior Shakesp-erience. But we know it can be nice to have a little extra context, too. So check out this awesome guide to Macbeth.  Our guides are beautiful, easy to follow, beautiful, interactive, beautiful, free, and did we mention it's pretty? Open to find out about:

  • The real Macbeth
  • Shakespeare's royal shout-out
  • The Macbeth curse
  • Reasons not to murder a king
  • The characters
  • Discussion starters
  • Quote quiz
  • Glossary of terms
  • Character profiles--written by OSF actors.

See our other guides here.

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