Pay What You Will(iam): Romeo & Juliet

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Pay What You Will(iam) Night

Ohio Shakes wants to make Shakespeare accessible and available to our entire community.  In an effort to do this, we offer a donation based “Pay What you Will” evening  (Thursday, July 5) of our Romeo & Juliet

Presale tickets will be sold at the regular price; however, at the door sales the night of the show will be taken on a donation based scale.  Pay whatever you can for your ticket…it could be $1, it could be $100.  The idea is to have people contribute what is comfortable for their budgets and to help us continue to provide more Shakespeare to our entire community.  

All PWYW tickets are part of the Open section unless the donation is more than $33 and there is room in the Preferred section, in which case you would be welcome to a Preferred ticket.

Space available. Call 330-374-7574 or email for questions.