Announcing Artists' Choice Series

Artists’ Choice Series

at Ohio Shakespeare Festival

The purpose of this series is to allow fellow NE Ohio directors, playwrights, and designers an outlet for creative exploration at Ohio Shakespeare Festival. We encourage theatre artists to submit for consideration a play to produce for a limited run on the Henry C. Bishop Stage. 

We specifically seek exciting newer works, perhaps those not typically seen in the Ohio Shakes subscription series. Yet, all submissions must in some way tie into the tradition of classic theatre and/or storytelling, whether in theme, content, design, or interpretation. In short, while this project should be a daring and outside-the-box production for Ohio Shakespeare Festival, it should still fit our mission statement: to put excellent storytelling at the forefront of all we do.

The performances will take place on November 3 and 4, 2017, 8:00pm. Rehearsals can begin no earlier than October 2. You will submit a proposed rehearsal schedule, but be prepared to work around the needs of the MainStage productions.

Submissions are due August 1, 2017.

The qualities of a successful submission include, but are not limited to the following:

  • A title that can be easily produced in a blackbox style (i.e. without any extraordinary set, technical, or costume requirements).
  • A production that has no more than 8 actors
  • A fully realized cast list, and a designated director and stage manager
  • A clear connection, in whatever creative capacity, to classic theatre/storytelling
  • No longer than 2 hours, 15 minutes long in run-time
  • A detailed proposed rehearsal schedule
  • A title that likely would not be considered for the OSF subscription series.

The theatre will provide:

  • rights to the production (if applicable)
  • advertisement
  • basic lighting design
  • basic sound design
  • one light and/or sound operator
  • some access to Ohio Shakespeare stock
  • $500 stipend that must be spent on the production/artists involved

You will provide:

  • Rehearsal schedules, including a clear and organized tech period
  • Actors
  • Stage Manager
  • Rehearsal and performance reports
  • Speciality props/costumes

Ohio Shakespeare Festival reserves the right to oversee the artistic product in regards to casting, staging, and design. In manners concerning safety, emotional and physical, Ohio Shakespeare Festival’s guidelines and directives will be held paramount throughout the rehearsal and performance process. 

Please submit the following information to Please also submit any applicable resumes/experience.

Submitter’s Name

Contact Information (email, phone)

Title of Play and its author

Estimated run time of production

Who will be directing?

Number of actors required (maximum 8)

List who you plan to cast in each role

Number of sound cues

Number of light cues

Will you provide your own sound design?

Who will be Stage Managing?

How might you spend the $500 stipend?

Is the play possible to do with an minimal set? Describe any required scenic design.

List any exceptional requirements for the show (An exceptional requirement is something that either you or the theatre may need to commission/could not easily borrow or find from the Ohio Shakespeare storage, i.e. particular costume pieces, specialty props/furniture. An exceptional requirement could also include a particular need for staging, i.e. extended stage combat or dance, the need for a second level, etc.)

In no more than 250 words, briefly describe the play.

In no more than 250 words, describe the connection this play has to classical theatre or classic storytelling.

In no more than 250 words, describe why you think this piece is particularly appropriate for Ohio Shakespeare Festival and why you are passionate about this particular title.

Download a PDF of this information here.