Halloween Charity Ball

It's not too early to make your Halloween plans.

Support Ohio Shakes and join us at Akron's biggest Halloween Bash, hosted at Tangier's. If there's one thing Ohio Shakes has shown you in our Greenshows, it's that we know how to party.

We are one of the two proud recipients of this year's Ball, along with Not Just October. Buying a ticket to this event directly supports the work Ohio Shakespeare does year round.



FREE Student Night: All's Well That Ends Well

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FREE Student Night

Free Student Night is on the second Thursday of All's Well That Ends Well (Thursday, August 2).  Presale tickets are sold at the regular price, but at-the-door student tickets are completely free of charge.  No advanced free student tickets reservations are available, and all student tickets apply to the open section only.  Just bring your student ID (or any other proof of student status) and it will grant you access to the festival.  ID for college students is absolutely required, no exceptions.  Under 18s do not need an ID.  At this time, this event applies only to students, not educators.

 IMPORTANT: If parents are dropping their children off at the door, please know that the main gates close at 8:10 and parents will not be able to get into the parking lot to retrieve children at the end of the evening.  Please consider a safe and appropriate plan for rendezvous, or reach out to our customer service manager at 330-374-7574 to set up an adult escort out of the grounds to the parents’/guardians’ car.