From stage combat, to voice lessons, to dance, to Shakespearean verse, our company members can help you polish your classical theatre skills at very competitive rates.   Take the classes yourself, or purchase classes as a memorable gift for your loved one!

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Stage Combat

With Ryan Zarecki


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced actor-combatant, Ryan can help you polish your stage combat skills. These 1:1 lessons will help you gain new skills swiftly, and are a nice augmenting piece to our group workshops and monthly FIGHT NIGHT lessons.

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Voice Lessons

With Jason Leupold


Katie Zarecki and Jason Leupold, two of the most musical members of the company, offer private lessons for singers. Whether you are preparing for an audition or trying to improve your range, both Katie and Jason have the skills to safely push your voice to the next level.

Choose either a male or female vocal coach--whichever you think will serve your particular goals best.

Bonus--Jason can also help you with guitar skills. Just ask!

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Shakespeare's Verse Lessons

With Tess Burgler


This is best for students interested in learning Shakespearean verse and rhetoric. Tess can assist you with specific audition monologues or simply work with you to make the language more accessible. Using tools from John Barton’s verse studies, she can show you how Shakespeare’s verse and language work for—never against—the actor.

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